Everything You Need to Know About the Birchbox Store in SoHo


- You may end up spending $92 on products… and not regret it. 

- If you’re into YouTube beauty gurus, you can literally find every single product they show in their videos. Yes, that does mean you can buy that Jouer Tinted Moisturizer they’re all obsessed with. 

- They don’t just offer any normal manicure in their downstairs section; they do full blown nail art. 

- You can still build your own Birchbox if you’re too afraid to try the actual products.

- Their staff is really lovely and actually very helpful. They don’t try to get you to buy anything you don’t want and will test the products with you so you’re not afraid. 

- You could get a full makeover if you really wanted to there.

- Their shopping bags say ‘Best Day Ever’ because when you walk out, it feels like you really just had the best day ever. 

Currently eating my feelings because I can’t seem to get a job anywhere. Grad life is just great. 

Currently eating my feelings because I can’t seem to get a job anywhere. Grad life is just great. 

"You have to be confused in life or you won’t grow."

YouTube super star Jenna Marbles in her “Draw My Life” video

I gave myself Texas hair…

I gave myself Texas hair…

When your cousin lets you try on a bracelet that costs as much as a house. #blingbling

When your cousin lets you try on a bracelet that costs as much as a house. #blingbling

Ear Biscuits

Today at work, I decided to listen to podcasts instead of music to help me get through the day. So many YouTubers these days seem to have them, both for audio and visual purposes.

Today, I decided to check out Ear Biscuits, the podcast child of Internetainers Rhett and Link. Every week, they interview some of YouTube’s biggest stars and get some pretty personal information out of them. 

There are forty-one episodes so far, with all of them being available on both iTunes and SoundCloud. Today I listened to Episode 41 with Kingsley and Episode 31 with Swoozie, two of YouTube’s biggest male users. It’s kind of incredible how much personal information they get out of them in an hour and how willing these people are to open themselves up. 

Music Monday: “Save the Last Dance” - Union J

This is a good mix of electronic beats and pop. It makes me wan to create a zumba routine. 

(Source: Spotify)

I come for the free coffee.

I come for the free coffee.

Deal of the Week

So many sales have been going on this month! One of the best has been Aritzia. A store known for it’s high quality clothes at contemporary prices, they’ve been taking reductions like crazy lately, allowing customers to buy outfits that cost as much as one garment. One of their best deals is the Wilfred Montesson Jacket. Originally retailed at $235, the jacket is on sale for $89.99; that’s a savings of $145! 

Five Things that Became Important When I was in College

I attended college from late 2010 to just two months ago. But in those four years, so many things became important that had absolutely nothing or a little something to do with my education in fashion merchandising. These are them:

1. This site that is the holy grail (thanks David Karp) became more important than homework and life itself. It even launched the blogging careers of many FIT students.

2. Netflix could now stream to your computer, allowing us to leave homework to the last minute and ditch outings with friends for movie binges.

3. Since Nick Jonas lived two blocks away from FIT, stalking him was a must. And if you saw him coming back from the gym, you truly had a #blessed day. I did once; it was awesome.

4. During third semester, Jeffrey Campbell created the Lita. Not only did every girl on the FIT campus have a pair, but so did every one on the Internet. They were out by next semester.

5. During my last year of college, Buzzfeed quizzes became the new Facebook status. You had to just stop everything you were doing, find out which kind of donut you were and post it for all of your virtual friends to see. This still rings true.