Hamptons for the last time before summer ends. #vscocam #hamptons #laborday #longisland  (at Westhampton Beach Main Street)

Hamptons for the last time before summer ends. #vscocam #hamptons #laborday #longisland (at Westhampton Beach Main Street)

"FIT opened up a world of opportunities for me that I didn’t know existed. It made me believe that I could have a career as a designer. Learning how to handcraft clothing from start to finish was invaluable as well… It taught me to work hard and never give up."

Nanette Lepore speaks to Gotham mag about the benefits of the Fashion Institute of Technology as the college gets ready to celebrate its 70th birthday.

(Source: gotham-magazine.com)

Happy Friday from the office!  My co-worker got us Krispy Kreme! #friday #doughnut

Happy Friday from the office! My co-worker got us Krispy Kreme! #friday #doughnut

10 Things You Experience When You Move from NYC Back to Long Island

1. You have no patients for anyone, including your parents. 

2. You have to drive. EVERYWHERE.

3. In order to get back to Manhattan/go to work everyday, you have to take the Long Island Rail Road, which is convenient and a nightmare at the same time.

4. You don’t want to go drinking in town because you know you’ll run into someone from high school and that’s a no no. 

5. You start to go off track with your fashion sense because no one in the suburbs for the most part has any. Plus, who’s judging you anyway? 

6. When you’re bored, you have three options: The Internet, The Mall or Starbucks. 

7. The beach isn’t far away for once. 

8. Neither are the Hamptons. 

9. You can now afford to get a manicure and pedicure since it costs about $20 less here than in NYC.

10. Italian ices are readily available at your convenience in the summertime. 

Yesterday’s coffee is today’s post.

Yesterday’s coffee is today’s post.

Observing bad plastic surgery while eating fancy food. (at Barneys New York)

Observing bad plastic surgery while eating fancy food. (at Barneys New York)

I CAN’T PART WITH @fitstudentambassadors! #FITforever #gradlife

I CAN’T PART WITH @fitstudentambassadors! #FITforever #gradlife

A little inspiration to start your Tuesday. #laurenconrad #girlpower

A little inspiration to start your Tuesday. #laurenconrad #girlpower

lndecis said: Hi! Wow you've been in both London and NY I've been searching for someone just like you to ask for advice. So I got accepted into FIT and also the Ldn College of Fashion and I have like 2 minutes (not literally but you know like a day or so, the more I wait the worse) to decide where to go and I don't know I'm so upset the confusion and anxiety is eating me alive. Ldn is so cool and different but more expensive. NY is closer to him and less expensive but not that much of an adventure. Thoughts?


First off congrats on getting into both schools. That’s incredible!

I only attended LCF for a month so I really don’t know much about their full time programs and majors.

I’m assuming you’re from the US? What I experienced in London that would scare me a bit is that it’s very tough to get work as an American in England. My visa for my internship and class was almost denied along with my friends who studied abroad with me. Also, depending on what you want to do depends on which school. I know LCF has an insane makeup program that a lot of British makeup artists went through. But if you’re going for fashion merchandising, the way they do their retail math is totally different than the way US companies do it.

I would say if you want to save the money and eventually study for a semester in London, go with FIT. What majors were you accepted into? That may also help me answer this better. Also, you mentioned that NYC is close to your boyfriend which you may want to factor in (but I believe a man should never hold you back from what you want to do). And NYC is a HUGE adventure! Especially when you’re in college; I had no cares whatsoever and had the best adventures I ever will.

One last thing: if you want a place that is convenient, go for NYC. Things close way too early in London.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks for asking :)

Four Dorm Must-Haves

I went to college for four years. I lived in a dorm. I think I know my stuff… right?

1. A backrest for when your bed becomes your desk because your desk isn’t big enough for your notebook, textbook and laptop all at the same time. 
imageI used my backrest all of the time when I was in school. It’s a nice, fluffy pillow for your back. Plus, if your homework is getting really boring, this will put you to sleep; it happened to me a lot freshman year. 
Crystal Fur Backrest in Ivory, $24.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

2. A super fluffy fleece blanket because sometimes dorm rooms can be freezing.
The biggest problem with my dorm room in the winter was that if my roommate and I left our heat on, the room would be too hot. So at night, we were left with a freezing room. I love fleece blankets in general and they’re great for lazying around your room or wrapping yourself in one when the building fire alarm goes off at 2am. 
Berkshire Blanket Serasoft Supreme Throw, $29.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

3. A Swiffer of some sort because that floor of your is going to get nasty. 

Most likely, you’re going to have tile floor in your dorm. And trust me, tile floors never, ever stay sparkly. A Swiffer of some sort (I suggest the Sweep & Trap above to help tackle crumbs and dust at the same time) is a must. You’ll see how important this is when all of a sudden your feet are dirty as well as your white socks. A small vacuum may be needed as well, especially if you decide to put a rug down. 
Swiffer Sweep & Trap Starter Kit, $19.99 at Target 

4. A spill-proof coffee mug for class so you don’t destroy your computer or piss off your professor when you kick over your cup accidentally. 

Most professors allow you to have coffee. But once you end up spilling it all over their classroom, they might just take that rule away. Also, everyone’s biggest fear is spilling any sort of liquid on their laptop. Contigo cups are not only spill-proof, but they are BPA free and will keep your coffee hot or water cold for up to four hours. 
16 oz. Contigo Autoseal StainlessTravel Mug, $20.99 at Contigo